Edward Elgar - From the Bavarian Highlands op. 27

From the Bavarian Highlands, Op 27 is a work for choir and orchestra by Edward Elgar. It is a set of six choral songs Elgar wrote under the collective title Scenes from the Bavarian Highlands, as a remembrance of a holiday the Elgars had enjoyed in Upper Bavaria, mostly at Garmisch, in the autumn of 1894. The song lyrics were adapted to Elgar's music by the composer’s wife Alice with words "adapted from the Volkslieder  and  Schnadahüpfler" imitating the spirit of the dances. Alice gave the songs sub-titles in recollection of favourite places visited during the holiday. It was originally arranged with piano (1895) then later arranged with orchestral accompaniment (1896). It was dedicated to Mr and Mrs Slingsby Bethell, the proprietors of the Garmisch pension where the Elgars had stayed.


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